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Presented in a growers basket a single spike $50.00 or double spike $60.00. Presented in ceramic or basket additional $25.00. Please make your selection below.

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Some of our most requested potted orchid plants are Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis and Oncidiums. They come in a variety of colors.

Presented in a grower’s basket a single spike $50.00 or double spike $60.00. Presented in ceramic or basket additional $25.00.  These plants usually are about two feet tall and have about 10-15 flowers per stem. We get these beauties from Haiku and Kula areas of Maui

Basic Orchid Care

Orchids need six things to bloom. If you cannot identify your orchid, then start with these basic care guidelines:

  1. Light – Give orchids bright light, but no direct sun.
  2. Water – Water them thoroughly once or twice a week — more when it’s warmer, less when it’s cooler. Make sure the water drains completely out of the holes at the bottom of the pot. Never leave the plant sitting in water!
  3. Fertilizer – Fertilize them when they are growing.
  4. Air movement – Provide gentle air circulation for the plant.
  5. Humidity – Provide some humidity for the plant; most do not like very dry environments
  6. Proper temperatures – Keep the daytime temperature between 65°- 75°F /18°- 24°C with a nighttime temperature drop of a few degrees

Fun Fact: Orchids have been documented about 120 million years ago along with the dinosaurs. Did you know that the Vanilla Orchid provides us with the ever-popular vanilla flavor. Yep, that’s right folks, vanilla comes from an orchid!


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