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Maui Anthurium Flowers to USA


Loose stem anthuriums in box starting at $85.  Very long lasting flower up to 3-4 weeks.

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**Please Note: All prices include shipping and handling fee except to Alaska.  Please see Ship to Canada/Alaska Here

Out of stock

Must be ordered at least 5 days prior to shipping date.  Anthuriums are another wonderful “stand alone” flower. What’s not to like about this unusual waxy heart shaped flower grown all over the Hawaiian Islands. Anthuriums are long lasting, easy to care for and make a sweet arrangement that shouts out “I Love You” This is one of our favorite flowers to utilize for Valentines and Mother’s Day. You will often find them in our tropical arrangements too.

Caring for your fresh cut Anthurium stems is so easy. Cut the stems at an angle with a pruning shears every couple of days. Please do not use a knife or scissors when cutting your stems. Doing this will crush the stem making it difficult for the flower to absorb the water which will result in them prematurely wilting. Change the water if it starts to get cloudy. By doing this you will prolong the life you your flowers.


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